State Championships


February 22, 2009

12 noon Warmup—1 pm Start

at YM-YWHA of North Jersey, 1 Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ

The following swimmers are ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY expected to be there.

If you cannot attend, email Laurie at  I MUST know so I can replace you with an alternate!!

Masha Volski                           Enzo Butrico

Sara Walsh                               Corey Chen

Henry Geng                              John Lewandowski

Eric Zeng                                  Patrick Osiadacz

Darlene Fung                            Brian Brundage      

Jenna Yan                                 Luke Syslo

Jewel Hu                                   Michelle Chen

Emily Lam                
               Emily Rybalkiwiecz

Erin Pepe                                  Maggie Valentino

Chandler Carter                        Aimee Wilson

Aryeh Margolin              
         Taylor Aljian

Charles An                                Kate O’Brien

Mehr Tamboly                          Jimmy Boyle

Sam Shersher                           Cyril Choi

Lawrence Fung                        Anthony Gurrieri

Rick Hoffman                          Thomas Lewandowski

Gloria Feng                              Matt Cotov

Crystal An                                Jacob Cotov

Shannon Pepe               

Brianna Velardi                        Michelle Gustafson

Megan McDermott                   Teresa Gustafson

Michael Rothschild                   Jen Boyle

Eric Zhu                                   Chelsea

Richard Zhu                              Jackie Bender

Jared Fraraccio                         Justin Chung

Nicolas Gurrieri                       Stanley

Connor Shah                            Justin Wilson

David Stern                              Mike Boyle

Alex Zilli                                 Alan Kasmer

Rachael Hoffman                    Chris

Ronit Langer                           

Bridget Pepe

Jessica Yin

Jullianna Zilli

Amy Zinsky


be called if I need you.

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