We will be conducting tryouts for the team October 5,6 & 7, 2009, for all RETURNING and new swimmers.  Selection for the team is limited.  A team list will be posted on this website by FRIDAY, October 9th, by 4 pm.  Swimmers cannot register until they are confirmed members of the team. 
All days are 5:30-6:15 pm for ages 10/under and 6:30-7:15 pm for ages 11/over.
Oct. 5–Last names A-H         Oct. 6-Last names I-Q          Oct. 7-Last names R-Z
General Team Info
PRACTICE-Practice begins Monday, October 12th.
                    Practices are held Monday through Thursday:    10/unders 5:30-6:15 pm  
                                                                                                       11/over   6:15-7:30 pm
Swimmers are REQUIRED to attend 2 practices per week, but are welcome to attend up to 4 per week.
MEETS–  Meets are held at 2pm on Sundays.  Half of the meets are home, half are away.  Parents are required to work at  least meets during the season.  SWIMMERS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND MEETS.  IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND MEETS, PLEASE DO NOT TRYOUT.
WORK BOND- A $50 work bond check is due AT REGISTRATION.  This is a check that will NOT be cashed unless the working obligations of 2 meets are not met.  Checks will be returned at the end of the season to families that have worked.
AWARDS-Ribbons are awarded at all meets and medals are awarded at championships.  Each team member receives a trophy and a gift at the end of the season.
SEASON- The season lasts from October 12 until about March 1st.
COST-  CAMPUS MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED   + Team Fee + Fundraising Fee*
                                     Family Members:  $299 Team Fee + Fundraising  Fee 
                                         Child/Youth/Teen Members:   $349  Team Fee + Fundraising Fee
(* Fundraising Fee covers the cost of our swim team party–including awards, food and gifts.  The options are $60 or $40.  The $60 option provides you with 60 candy bars to be sold for $1 each.  The $40 option has no selling.  Either way, payment is due at registration.)