Silver Meet Info

SILVER MEET–February 28
@ YM-YWHA of North Jersey–1 Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ
10/unders: 8 am warmup, 8:40 meet time  (MID warmup is 8:10-8:30 am in Lanes 3 & 4)
11/overs: 11:45 warmup, 12:30 meet time  (MID warmup is 11:50 AM-12:10pm in Lanes 3 & 4)


ONLY THE SWIMMERS LISTED BELOW are participating in this meet!

Shriya Airen
Nyoma Aneja
Meher Bhatia
Mahek Bhupatkar
Brian Brundage
Anupama Chanti
Alex Chen
Cyril Choi
Lucia Choi
Corinne Coscia
Justin Dawson
Adina Falk
Gloria Ffeng
Shivani Ghokale
Samantha Gopal
Arpan Gupta
Corey He
David Hou
Darek Hsieh
Gennifer Huber
Eric Ivaniuc
Kasia Kumor
Kaitlyn Kwan
Kristina Kwan
Andrew Lackland
Justin Liang
Stephanie Merlis
Chris Milscik
Matt Milcsik*
Jackie Ng
Amanda Pina
Ben Pincus
Reggie Ramekar
Michael Rothschild
Emily Rybalkiewicz
Maria Rystsov
Connor Shah
Lauren Shea
A Katherine Simonson
Kelly Smith
Luke Syslo
Dean Tan
Lance Tan
Victoria Thai
Emma Walsh
Ephany Wang
Tiffany Weiss
Peter Wu
Tyler Wu
Lawrence Xing
Kevin Yan
Ziquin Yuan
Daniel Zhan
Christopher Zheng

2 Responses to “Silver Meet Info”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Hey, I can\’t attend the meet on Sunday. I have my period, so I can\’t go. My mother called, but you probably forgot. So, I can\’t attend the Silver Meet. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Jackie Ng

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