Sunday, March 1st   at

365 New Brunswick Ave
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

13/overs — warm up  12:15pm;   Meet Time: 12:45pm

12/unders — warm up 2:45 pm;   Meet Time: 3:15 pm

**Our league rules only allow 2 swimmers per event to attend the championships.  If your child is NOT entered, he is an ALTERNATE.      ALTERNATES are called if an entered child cannot swim for any reason.  I have called ALTERNATES every year. Do not be surprised!

The following swimmers are ENTERED to swim and are EXPECTED to be at the meet (if they CANNOT attend, please let me know ASAP):

6/under Girls
Jaslyn Chen
Kaylie Gao
Victoria Zhang

6/under Boys
Sean Stanik
Matthew Jelleme

8/under Girls
Grace Best
Emily Jelleme
Brianna Li
Chen Chen
Cindy Song

8/under Boys
Max Niu
Kaston Chen
Luke Tan
Justin Jiang
Albert Zhang
Mason Lui

9/10 Girls
Faith Best
Hope Best
Lauren Li
Nihita Kasibhatla
Shannon Welsh
Jessica Park

Zia Ostawal

9/10 Boys
Edmond Niu
Ethan Lee
Nicholas Robertson
Alex Moon
Dhruv Shidhaye

11/12 Girls
Lucia Lu
Eesha Kasibhatla
Shannon Yan
Elizabeth Lackland
Kristy Tam
Amanda Pina

11/12 Boys
Joey DeVizio
Ben Mumau
Dhruv Iyengar
Ryan Park
Joey Gurski
William Yu

13/14 Girls
Sarah Jeney
Erin Pepe
Keira Welsh
Jenna Yan
Darlene Fung
Stephanie Chiu

13/14 Boys
Angelo Velardi
Nathan Shek
Mark Stanik
Cristian Butrico
Jonus Gurski

15/18 Girls
Jennifer Burkhart
Alex Spark
Erin Welsh
Maggie O’Connell
Grace Chung
Elizabeth Chiu
Shannon Pepe

15/18 Boys
Patrick Osiadacz
Enzo Butrico
Andrew Galarza
Daniel Galarza
Paul Stanik

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